Islamic Curriculum - Grade 9 | Student Guide

Islamic Curriculum - Grade 9 | Student Guide

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The Steps to Perfection 9th grade curriculum strives to build upon the development of a strong Islamic foundation, which began from the kindergarten book.

In ʿAqāʾid, the focus turns to understanding why people turn away from religion and how we as Muslims can prevent this tragedy. Through the lens of Tawhīd we focus on world views and understand the need for religion and the justice of Allah (swt). Students will roll up their sleeves to begin discussing free-will vs predetermination and applying the Attributes of Allah (swt) they have learned in previous years.

The Fiqh unit analyzes the Islamic laws and applies them to transactions and the philosophy of aḥkām. 

The History unit continues cross examination of akhlāq through the lives of the Imāms (ʿa) and Prophets (ʿa).

The Akhlāq unit aims to support students through common issues in our society and give the appropriate response through Islam. Students will have opportunities to analyze and determine solutions to many issues present in society through the lens of Islam.