Islamic Curriculum - Grade 1 | Student Guide

Islamic Curriculum - Grade 1 | Student Guide

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The Steps to Perfection 1st grade curriculum strives to build upon the development of a strong Islamic foundation, which began in the kindergarten book.

The ʿAqāʾid section entails a review of the basic tenets of Islamic belief, the shahādah, an introduction to the Uṣūl ad-Dīn (Roots of Religion), and an overview of Allah (swt) and some of His attributes.

The Fiqh unit introduces the ritual of wuḍūʾ and an in-depth look at how to perform ṣalāh.

The History section introduces the Maʿṣūmīn through stories that highlight their characteristics, in hopes that children will be able to connect to them and develop a bond and unfaltering love that becomes rooted in their hearts. In first grade, the students learn about the first seven Maʿṣūmīn.

The Akhlāq section has been made aesthetically pleasing through colorful illustrations, aḥādīth, and āyāt from the Qurʾān that delve into topics regarding basic manners and cleanliness.