Shahr Ramaḍān 1442 | 2021 - Another Quarantined Month of Qurʾān

We’ve welcomed another Shahr Ramaḍān in the strangest of ways—amidst a global pandemic. What we thought would be a one-time lockdown has turned into over a year of taking extra precautions. So this year again, we’ve done our very best to make our homes a place for special ʿibādah with some masājid semi-open, and most masājid closed.

For some of us it’s been easier, and for others, it’s been more of a challenge. But here at Al-Kisa Foundation, we are doing our best to help you fill your homes with the blessings and beauty of Shahr Ramaḍān.

We hope that you’ll start your day off with our beautifully designed Shahr Ramaḍān Daily Duas that are available to download for free, and that you’ll add watching our Daily Juz Summaries to your Qurʾān focused ʿibādah this month. The videos cover 30 Juz in 30 Days and provide a deeper understanding of what we’re commanded to read this Ramaḍān.

Everyday, Ms. Nazeera and Amir come together on The Wondertime Show, a TV Show for Kids aired daily during Ramaḍān on our YouTube channel for free. By the end of this month, we will have over 55 episodes featuring puppets, special guests, and young scholars from all over the world. Each show teaches an āyah of Qurʾān along with great lessons, like respecting parents, being thankful, not wasting time, and more! You can also sponsor an episode and gift the thawāb to your marḥūmīn.

If you haven’t already, you can decorate your homes with a printable Ramaḍān banner and write down good deeds, hopes, and goals in our Free Ramaḍān Journal. Our team is also sharing their favorite recipes to help you decide what to make for ifṭār. And to emphasize the importance of this month and increase learning, download our Free Project Booklets full of Islamic Ramaḍān Activities, which have at least one craft for every day this month coupled with a take away lesson.

To bring about more excitement for this holy month, we’ve released a new Islamic book for kids, Hamza and Aliya Share the Ramadan Cheer which can be purchased globally from our Kisa Kids website. The story follows two young siblings, Hamza and Aliya, as they prepare for this holy month and bake scrumptious, nutritious recipes for their neighbors with their Mama and Baba.

Since 15th Ramaḍān is the wilādah of Imām Ḥasan (ʿa), we have three beautiful books in our store, along with other islamic books for kids, which talk about his childhood:

  1. Little Leaders from Heaven
  2. Heavenly Children
  3. Blessed Names

In preparation for the end of the month, download our free Printable Eid Cards & Banners, created to help you celebrate Eid.

About Al-Kisa Foundation

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